Tips on Motocross Goggle Care

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Goggle Care Guide

Unless you ride for a factory team you aren’t going to be running a new set of goggles every time you line up at the starting gates, however eye protection is a necessity and if you don’t take care of your goggles you will either be forking out more money that you should, or you will be riding around feeling like you are driving a car at night with only your parking lights on! Luckily goggles aren’t too difficult to maintain if you know how, so read on to learn some secrets to clear vision and goggle foam that doesn’t feel like sandpaper on your face!

Motocross goggles can sometimes get a rough deal, they are sweated in excessively, get pelted with mud and rocks on the track and then half the riders out there throw them back into their gear bag in with their boots only to be removed the next race day to be cleaned on a tee shirt!


Step #1 – How To Clean Your Motocross Goggles:

Goggle lenses are treated with a coating on the inner and outer side to optimise vision and reduce fogging. This finish can be quite delicate particularly on the inner side, avoid using chemicals in cleaning agents such as “Windex” type cleaners as although they will clean your lens the ammonia will eventually turn the lens brittle and cracks will begin to appear and run through the lens.

The best method is light soap and warm water. Submerge the goggles completely and gently work the soapy water through the goggle foam, if there is any mud built up, allow the water to soak the mud until it falls off the lens, you can further clean the goggle lens with a microfiber cloth or using your goggle bag.


Washing motocross goggles


You should also wash your goggle bag regularly as you can use this at the track to clean your goggles on race day. Do not use a tee shirt, towel or your motocross gloves to wipe dirt off a lens as you will grind dirt particles into the lens which will scratch them.


Sweat Destroys Goggle Foam

Washing your goggles in water regularly will also prolong the life of the goggle foam, sweat will deteriorate foam after a while making it brittle and cause it to crumble and fall apart. Do not throw your goggles in the washing machine as the rough nature of the wash cycle can damage the goggles and some washing detergents can also be too harsh on the lens.

Let your goggles dry in a cool place out of the sun and avoid placing them back in the goggle bag until they are completely dry as trapped moisture can also damage the foam.

If you are having trouble with your goggles continually fogging you may want to use something like “Fog Off” or Scott Anti Fog Spray this is safe to use on your lens and very effective in colder conditions.


Step #2 – Motocross Goggle Storage And Transportation:

Always keep your goggles in their soft case, or better yet a goggle box / goggle bag which is a great way to keep all of your goggles, spare lenses, tear offs and any other goggle accessory all together. This prevent them from being mixed up with a dirty set of motocross boots inside your gear bag which spells disaster for your goggles! If you don’t have a goggle box, keep them in the soft case and place them inside of your helmet to keep them safe.


Step #3 – On Track Tips For Motocross Goggle Care:

Always run at least one tear off lens, even on the hottest driest day with only one other bike on the track, having an extra layer of protection over your goggle lens will improve its lifespan. On muddy days always be prepared with plenty of tear offs to avoid being filled in and throwing your goggles off the side of the track mid race. Another helpful item riding in super muddy conditions are the Roll-Off system, most major motocross goggle brands manufacture these now which give you clearer vision for longer, many also come with a lens rain visor to prevent water seeping down in between your lenses.


Muddy dirt bike goggles

Step #4 – Replacing Your Motocross Goggle Lens:

Only change a goggle lens if your goggles and hands are completely clean, nothing scratches a lens quicker than dirt and friction! When removing a lens hold the bottom of the frame firmly and grab the top of the frame from the inside and lift the top of the frame away from the lens. Once you have the top section separated you can work your way around the frame until the lens is removed.

To replace the lens you will notice a series of notches around the edge of the lens, these are to be aligned with a series of locating posts inside the groove of the frame. Start with the nose piece and once this has been aligned you can then work your way around the goggles lining each locating post up with the lens and squeezing the frame firmly back onto the lens.

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If you have any further questions regarding motocross goggle care or products such as the Roll-Off system, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at MXstore

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Lens scratching

Why haven’t they made goggles lenses that don’t scratch when you wipe them on the inside yet? How the hell are you supposed to clean the inside lens without scratching them! Very frustrating that’s for sure If there is a lens that doesn’t get scratched then point me to them please .

Rowan hoskins on 5 July 2022
Hey Rowan, we hear you! We would suggest taking the lens out of the goggles and wetting the lens then gently cleaning it with a microfiber cloth!
MXstore Response

Inner lense treatmemt

Just bought new lenses, installed a pair and wiped the finger prints off, now the inside of the lense looks awful! How do you fix that? The anti fog wiped off a little...

Forrest on 19 September 2021
Hey legend, Have you since attempted to wipe these down with a cleaner? If you would like to reach out to our Customer Service legends with a couple of photos and let us know which anti-fog / cleaner you have used, we will see how we can help :) Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers, MXstore
MXstore Response


I need to know the answers to some of the questions posed. It would be handy if your reply was more than you guys getting back to peoples questions at a later date. Can you post the replies please, so we all know.

Ray Stearman on 6 September 2020
Hi Ray, thanks for getting in touch! We really appreciate your feedback in regards to what you would like to see from our responses! Sometimes we may need to look into these questions a bit more so we make sure that everyone has had a response as soon as possible and then we look into it further but we have taken your feedback on board!! :) I have popped some of the answers below for you! ROLL OFFS CLEANING: Our Suppliers would recommend a Teflon spray to help, although they do seem to think that it may be bounding somewhere else causing the cord to feel the tightness! Reach out to our Customer Service legends if this happens to you! :) GOGGLE LENSES: We requested for more information and images to see how and if we could help, however, we did not hear back from our epic customer! WHAT KIND OF SOAP/SOAP: We have a few different cleaners available, but you can use glasses/optical cleaner. You can also use a light dish-washing liquid or laundry detergent. Just be sure that any soap that you do use, isn't abrasive or has any chemicals that can affect the goggles. You can check out our goggle cleaners here: Check out our Goggle Care Help Centre Articles for more help: I hope this helps answer your questions Ray! :) Have a good one legend!!
MXstore Response


Hi I was reading the goggle cleaning article and along with Brett, was wondering what light soap is? Dishwashing liquid? Thanks

Andrea on 20 November 2019
Hi Andrea, Thanks for reaching out to us! I have passed on your query to our Customer Service Legends and one of them will be in touch soon! :) Have a great day! MXstore
MXstore Response

What kind of soap

Hi, Great article of keeping goggles in pristine condition. Just one question. What kind of soap do you recommend or refer to when you say ‘light soap’? Cheers

Brett on 22 August 2019
Hi Brett, Thanks for your comment! :) One of our team members will be in touch shortly to help answer your question! Have a great weekend!
MXstore Response

Track cleaning

What's the best way to clean them at the track and wipe mud/dirt off without scratching the lens? Would a microfibre rag be sufficient?

Zac on 29 April 2018
Hi Zac, thanks for getting in touch! For most goggles (especially those with an anti-fog film), washing gently under running water and shaking off the excess is the est way to remove mud and dirt. Use a soft clean cloth to pat dry if necessary, generally rubbing or wiping any goggles will scratch the lens and destroy the anti-fog coating. Although sometimes it is hard to avoid, if you do scratch up a lens we have a lot of options for replacements :) If you're at the track and can't wash them off, it might be worth trying roll offs to have clear view while riding, then clean them properly when you get home :) If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service legends!
MXstore Response

Goggle Lenses

Is there any way to get rid of bend marks in your goggle lenses? Putting them in I accidentally bent them and now there are scratch like marks that you can see when put into light. When facing away from sun it is ok

7 April 2018
Hi Lachy, thanks for your question! One of our customer experience legends will be in touch with you shortly in regards to your lens :)
MXstore Response

Roll offs cleaning

The pull cord on my roll offs is starting to become harder to pull. How should I go about lubricating it? Would wd-40 be okay or would you recommend something else? I have the Oakley airbrake roll offs.

Matthew Vince on 26 January 2018
Hi Matthew! Thank you for your question, a member of our customer service team will be in touch shortly to discuss your roll-offs! Thanks :)
MXstore Response


Will storing a pair of goggles with tear offs end up scratching the lense or can goggles safely be stored with tears offs attached?

3 April 2017
Hi there, Thanks for your comment! We would recommend removing the tear offs for storage just to be on the safe side. Don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team if you have any further questions!
MXstore Response

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