How to: Install an Hour Meter

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Hour Meter Installation Guide

By now most riders are familiar with hour meters particularly on four stroke motocross race machines as the high performance race motor requires closer attention, more frequent servicing and maintenance than their more primitive two stroke ancestors.

What is an Hour Meter?

Basically a motocross race machine is built to be simple, light and fast so parts which aren’t a necessity like a folding side stand or some kind of a dashboard with gauges are simply not included.

However adding an hour meter is a great way to keep track of servicing and maintenance, once installed every moment the motor is running the counter ticks over and stores the total running hours on its display.


Hour Meters Help You Keep Track Of Servicing

This is perfect for four stroke machines as regular dirt bike oil and oil filter changes, replacing piston rings, top end bearings, pistons and checking valve clearances should all be a part of your maintenance schedule. Depending on your budget and how serious you take your racing there are riders who replace piston rings every 20 hours and complete top ends every 40.

We will take a more in depth look at top end rebuilds and servicing in another MXstore helpful advice article but for now here is the how to on installing your hour meter!

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How to Install an Hour Meter:

  • Find a suitable mounting location - Most riders will mount the meter on the frame of the bike up near the steering head of the bike where it is clearly visible and out of the way. Another common place is mounted on the frame above the fuel tank facing back at the rider, there are hour meter mounting kits available for some bikes which make it easier.
  • Alternatively you can use a sticky adhesive like a 3M tape, silicone glue or even the less popular method of drilling into the actual motorcycle frame itself and fasten the hour meter with screws.
  • Start from the spark plug end and check there is enough cable to reach the intended location of the display screen, begin by wrapping the end of the meter pick-up wire around the spark plug cable at least 5 times tightly to ensure a solid connection is formed so the meter works properly. (Some bikes don’t have a spark plug wire, but you can wrap the pick-up wire around the dust boot of the spark plug to achieve the same result). Once neatly wrapped zip tie the loose end to the pick-up wire leading to the meter and seal the end of the wire with a drop of silicone to prevent moisture entering the wire.
  • Run the cable to the desired location of the meter using cable ties to secure any excess wire along the way, install the wire to the hour meter by pressing the wire into the entire length of the hour meter slot with a flat screw driver.
  • Attach the hour meter to your bike in whichever method you have decided on, allow any silicone to dry and you are ready to go!

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Please note: Standard factory settings on most carburetted machines is 1.0ppr (pulse per revolution) but some fuel injected models are now 0.5ppr, consult your owners’ manual to check what ppr your bike is to ensure your hour meter displays an accurate reading.


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If you have any questions regarding hour meter installation or servicing of your motorcycle, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at MXstore


Comments (4)

The hour meter not working

Gday got my new rhk hour meter a week or so ago from Mx store followed the fitting instructions meter seems to be not be working as the hour glass icon is not flashing when bike is running .not sure if it’s faulty.looked on the net to see if I had installed it wrong everything seems to be fitted correctly.any help would be much appreciated .craig

Craig Chappell on 24 May 2021
Hi Craig, We are sorry to hear that you're having a bit of trouble with your Hour Meter! Please reach out to our Customer Service legends below and we will get this sorted for you as soon as possible: Talk to you soon legend! Cheers, MXstore
MXstore Response

I also had no luck...

I tried several times to get a pulse from my spark plug wire, and nothing. I moved it, tried more wraps, pulled back the wire insulation, nothing. I went over and tried it on 1 of my 4Runner wires and it worked! I don't know why it won't work on my Honda CRF250X.

31 March 2017
Hi There, Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with fitting this item to your CRF. Seeing that it is working on another bike we are a little stumped! You may want to ask a bike mechanic for their opinion. If they advise that this is a faulty item we will be more than happy to organise a warranty claim for you, let us know how you go :)
MXstore Response

No pulse pick up

Hi guys, I've just attempted to the install a statesmx hour meter on my ktm 250sxf. I have tryed 5 wraps on the spark plug wire with no pulse pick up, as well as wrapping the dust boot...also without acheiving pick up. What else can I do in order to achieve a pulse pick up?

28 December 2016
Hi There, Thanks for contacting us, it sounds like you may have an issue with your product. If you can contact our customer service team on 07 5535 7998 or we will happily assist in resolving the issue :)
MXstore Response


Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brlliiant posts.

3 May 2016

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