The Ultimate Guide To Steg Pegz

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Steg Pegz have soared into popularity amongst enduro and off-road riders since they were introduced by Australian company Stegz Moto Technologies, and you'll find it hard to spot a dirt bike without one at events like Finke and Hattah.

So what exactly are Steg Pegz, and should you have them installed on your dirt bike? We cover it all in this ultimate guide.

What are Steg Pegz?

Steg Pegz is an Australian aftermarket accessory that bolt onto the frame and/or subframe depending on the make and model of your enduro bike, where rubber stops are attached to an aluminium support. They're designed to reduce fatigue and arm-pump, particularly for off-road and desert riders, while also increasing a rider's grip and control of the bike.

How do Steg Pegz work?

The aluminium support and rubber stops are strategically designed for each brand and model of dirt bike, where the rubber stops sit behind the middle portion of your boots, allowing you to essentially 'lock' yourself into the bike, giving you complete grip and control while preventing your body from moving backwards under acceleration. As a result, it takes the weight off your arms and hands, subsequently reducing and preventing arm-pump.

One of the key fundamentals of dirt bike riding is to grip with your legs, and Steg Pegz further enhances your ability to do so, especially in the toughest of conditions.

Are there different types of Steg Pegz?

There are two types of Steg Pegz: standard, and Desert King Heavy Duty. The latter is commonly a must-have for riders who are taking on long, gnarly rides and events, such as the Finke Desert Race.

The Desert King Heavy Duty Steg Pegz are made from 5mm thick 5083 grade aluminium as opposed to the 3mm standard version, while they have the ability to run three rubber pucks, providing 40mm of protrusion for a superior amount of grip, in comparison to the 13mm of protrusion on the standard Steg Pegz.

Both models have 50mm of back and forth adjustability of the rubber stops.

What type of riders should use Steg Pegz?

Steg Pegz are fairly common amongst off-road and enduro riders for long-distance rides on the gnarliest tracks. Steg Pegz are a must for desert races such as Finke or Hattah, where high speeds are reached on some of the toughest conditions in the country. The extra control and grip of the bike, plus reduced fatigue and arm-pump, really playd as an advantage for enduro and desert riding.

You won't typically find Steg Pegz fitted to a motocross bike, however that doesn't mean you can't run them. Steg Pegz are designed to help in the tough conditions, and Australia has its fair share of crazy, whooped out sand tracks where Steg Pegz would prove their worth.

How do I install Steg Pegz on my dirt bike?

The installation of Steg Pegz varies from bike to bike, however the process is still really simple and quick.

Most Steg Pegz mount using the existing bolt holes of your bike's frame or subframe, and depending on the model, there may also be additional clamp that needs to be fitted, where Steg Pegz will also be secured to.

There is no need for modification, it's a case of simply removing your existing bolts on the frame, subframe, or airbox/number plate, fitting up the Steg Pegz, and reinstalling the bolts.

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2002 crf 450R

Can’t find any for my bike. Is it possible to modify another make for them to fit?

Mark Macaulay on 9 July 2020

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