How To: Ballard's Elbow Forearm Guards

Ballard's Offroad  |  21 June 2018

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Often when you go down its usually your forearms that cop it the worst. In most cases its the one of the first body parts that hit the ground. To help prevent elbow and forearm injuries check out the Ballards Elbow Forearm guards! Their unique design will protect the bottom part of your forearm that usually makes contact with the ground, while keeping the top part of your forearm free and unrestricted. These are a great, inexpensive option for those wanting a bit of extra arm protection!

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ballards forearm guard

i would recommend this to any one pro or beginner i rate them very highly have saved me a few times. whether rubbing a tree or sliding on the ground and the best thing about them you dont no they are there

dion coleman on 21 August 2018

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