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Bike Builds  |  12 May 2022

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Wreckers to Checkers production powered by MXstore presents another episode of the Bike Builds project, this time we are taking MXstore employee Mandy's 2007 Honda CRF150R and giving it some much needed love. Mandy rides with her son Asher and purchased this bike so she could chase him around on his PW50. Mandy's thoughts on her bike in current condition, "she's had a hard life, kind of like me". Follow along as Dyl completely transforms this 150 with a bunch of hand-picked trick parts all completed in the MXstore Garage. Giving the bike a complete overhaul and a new lease on life, this 150 won't know what hit it.

Watch the latest episode below!

Why the Honda CRF150R?

Mandy chose the 150 as she is not the tallest gal, so the ride height and weight were major factors. The 150 is light and produces an insane amount of power so this bike is more than enough to chase her son around local southeast QLD tracks. Eventually, Mandy plans on letting her little guy ride the 150 but he will have to be patient and progress from the PW50! So this bike ticked all of the boxes and has been a good bike in the 12 months of Mandy owning it however, it's starting to show a few issues.

Parts used and why?


The original wheels on this CRF were completely shot, the spokes were seized, the rims were buckled and wheel bearings rusted. It was a no brainer to replace the wheels with black Excel rims with red SM Pro hubs to really dress this bike up. With the new wheelset, we also installed Maxxis ST tyres and tubes, Moto-Master discs, Supersprox rear sprocket and Motion Pro rim locks to get this bike rolling all day long.


After years of riding and abuse, parts and bearings deteriorate and are in need of replacement. The plan behind this build was to bring the new bike feel back to this 15 year old 150 so replacing key components like swingarm bearings, steering head bearings and linkage bearings certainly helped! The chain guide, slider and rollers were also replaced along with new chain and sprockets to give the drive train a brand new feel. On top of that, the bike was also fitted with Moto-Master braided brake lines to ensure this bike stops as good as it looks. The original seat foam was falling to pieces and a little worse for wear so we replaced it with a Strike Seat replacement seat foam to ensure Mandy has a nice comfy ride on those long days at the track. To help with the height of the bike we installed a KroozR lowering linkage to make starting and stopping on the bike a lot easier.


With the rider in mind, the handlebars were replaced with Pro Taper Contour bars in the Carmichael bend to keep them nice and low. Levers were replaced along with grips, cables and throttle tube to give the cockpit a brand new feel again. The footpegs were upgraded to the Ballard's titanium footpegs with oversized pins to take up the slack in the footpeg area. To suit the colour scheme we also replaced the kick starter with a black Ballard's kick starter, red RHK rear brake lever and red RHK gear lever to really make the bike pop! 


Everyone enjoys personalising their bike to what they like, so we fitted a set of white Racetech plastics kit, NineTwo graphics kit, Ballard's seat cover, and painted the frame black with Motorex Black Colour spray and it came up a treat. Along with a new engine bolt kit, Ballard's red engine plug kit and oil filter cover, works connection skid plate and reservoir caps, spp red oil dipstick, this bike looks like it belongs on a factory race team! 

Check out the before and after below:

A bike that will last for years to come:

With all of the above upgrades and items replaced this bike will not only perform for Mandy but for her son when he is ready as well. Exceeding our expectations on the way it turned out, this 150 is ready for many more years of riding. It just goes to show that you can do this at home too, so if your bike needs a makeover we hope this has given you the motivation to do so. Absolutely stoked with the finished product, Mandy has been out for multiple rides on her updated beast and couldn't be happier! Stay tuned for more bike builds to come and the 2nd season of Wreckers to Checkers, we hope to see you at the track or trail soon!

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