For a pretty simple and easily overlooked item, the old dirt bike radiator cap actually has quite a bit of engineering behind them. Designed to maintain the pressure within your dirt bike engine's cooling system as coolant heats up and expands. The humble radiator cap also works as a safeguard for your coolant system, allowing the coolant to boil over and out the overflow once a level of pressure in the system has been reached - generally once your bike is overheating from a dramatic amount of work, or if something else is causing issues within your engine. Generally OEM radiator caps should be used with stock radiators, but if you have larger aftermarket dirt bike radiators a high pressure radiator cap allows for a higher boiling point of the system.

Here at MXstore we have a range of higher pressure radiator caps from Twin Air, MCS, DRC, Split Stream and Outlaw Racing in stock. The Outlaw Racing comes with convenient temperature gauge to help keep an eye on how things are handling the heat. Whether you are on a Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki motocross machine, or a KTM, Yamaha or Husqvarna enduro weapon, we have a range of radiator and cooling accessories to keep your bike running sweet. Whether your wishlist asks for a set of radiator guards, a new radiator hose kit or a thermo fan kit, here at MXstore we have got you covered. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team if you need any help determining the right items to put in your shopping cart - we're here to help and have you riding more.