You wouldn’t always link innovation with motorcycle handlebars however, Pro Taper has done that since the beginning. Founded in 1991 they came full steam onto the market with their new and revolutionary Contour Handlebar, the first-ever 1 1/8” handlebar. This new bar did away with a crossbrace required on standard bars from years past and allowed for a stronger, more resilient bar, while also providing more flex than the conventional 7/8" for rider comfort. The Pro Taper Contour Handlebars still are the most popular choice for 1 1/8" handlebars and Pro Taper haven’t slowed down in the slightest. With a history based on industry-shaping technology, Pro Taper has continued to lead every other handlebar manufacturer to date.

This leads us to the Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebars, what could be the pinnacle of handlebar technology. This latest handlebar from Pro Taper yet again rocked the motocross and enduro racing world by incorporating the best features of both the standard 7/8” and 1 1/8” bars. With a dial hidden on the crossbrace this bar can transform from ‘Unlocked’ with increased comfort and flex to ‘Locked’ with added precision and more bike feedback in a matter of seconds! However, innovation and premium quality don’t just end there. With Pro Taper you know you are investing in a premium product, from their Fuzion bar down to their Pit Bike, Mini Bike, or Pro Taper Micro Handlebars, you are buying a handlebar that is built to withstand the harshest our sport has to offer and give you the best chance to perform, proven by many of us here at MXstore on our own bikes. There is no wrong choice with a Pro Taper handlebar, in fact, the only choice you must make is what colour will suit you best.