Talon wheelsets have always been known as one of the lightest, strongest, and most reliable wheels in the motocross and enduro industry. All the wheelsets built for us to sell here at MXstore come made specifically for your dirtbike whether you're on a KTM, Honda, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki.

Aftermarket Motorcycle wheels are made by JTR to OEM specs that include the Hub size, Rim size, and also the spaces needed for the wheelset to fit your bike. The construction of a Talon Wheelset usually consists of a Talon hub and Talon Rim that is held together with stainless steel spokes so that you're covered for those big jumps or sharp jagged rocks.

These wheelsets can also be built with Talon Hubs, Excel wheel or Excel Rims, sm pro platinum rims, or Takasago products as some wheelsets can have different brands associated with either price or strength reasons. All wheelsets come with your standard front wheel and rear wheel depending on your bike fitment and brand preference.

Remember that wheelsets do not include sprockets, disc rotors, or rim locks, so make sure to look under your bike fitment on the website to purchase the ones needed for you. Aftermarket complete wheelsets are a must when racing in any motorcycle sport as the strength of the stock wheels from the factory are nowhere near as strong as aftermarket wheels, and they look great on the bike! So whether you're after red hubs, orange hubs, or even just a clean set of black rims, make sure to check out all the available colourways on our website before adding them to your shopping cart today!