Pro Taper contour handlebars are one of the most sought-after motocross bars for any rider in the paddock. Due to their incredible durability, Yield strength, and lightweight design these handlebars are a must for any dirt bike. These bars are a 28mm diameter handlebar known commonly as the 'fatbar' which can be placed on any dirt bike that comes standard with these style handlebars. Otherwise, new risers can be swapped out to fit. These off-road wishlist items are available in a huge range of bends and heights which can be seen online to decide which height, width, and sweep are best for you. Popular contour handlebar bends such as the Carmichael, CR High, Henry/Reed, Pastrana FMX, RM Mid, Windham, and KX High are all used widely across the globe. These handlebars have side knurling which helps the glue stick to the underside of the grips you install. The typical motocross racer would love these handlebars for some added customisation on the track. Enduro racers can also fit high-tech computer screens and speedometers to the handlebars, while bark busters and handguards can also be added to these products with ease. These bars are super easy for fitment and don't house a crossbar brace like the 7/8" bend. The contour bar is kept in stock regularly and made to suit many models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki machinery!

Be sure to check out the range of Pro Taper handlebars and also the selection of amazing products offered by this reputable company. Pro Taper also provides the industry with incredible sprockets, footpegs brake and clutch side levers, handlebar pads, and more!