Mudguards are important on any motorcycle for a number of reasons. Mudguards help to minimise the build-up of dirt, sand, and debris that can potentially affect the movement of the suspension, chassis, and other important engine components such as the cooling of the radiators. These OEM replacements are a simple installation within minutes. These products help the amount of spray from the rear wheel be mitigated and not interfere with the rear shock. The mudflap hangs from the bottom of the airbox unit and rear fender which can be any plastic brand such as Acerbis, Polisport, UFO, or Cycra. These items are particularly important for enduro dirt bikes to ensure no sticks and rocks are pushed into the rear shock where it can damage or interfere with the performance of the unit.

Most makes and models of dirt bike house a shock mud flap for all of these reasons. Models of KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Husqvarna, and Suzuki will have these items from the factory. Mountain bikes (MTB) even incorporate a similar style mudguard to keep dirt from interfering with the rider and the expensive Fox, Shimano, or Rockshox rear suspension units. These items are one for the wishlist when refurbishing an older model dirt bike or even to freshen up a bike with a plastic kit. Be sure to check out the bike finder tool on the website and filter the items to your spe