Pro Taper produce an extensive range of handlebars, throttle tubes, sprockets and dirt bike controls. As well as Pro Taper bars they also produce a wide range of motorcycle grips. Pro Taper grips are available in a wide variety of compounds and patterns, their dirt bike grips are pretty popular if the customer reviews are anything to go off. The range of dual compound Pro Taper Pillow Top grips are one of the most popular styles in motocross and enduro and sits high up on a lot of rider's wishlists. As well, the tried and tested half waffle grips are offered in an array of colours and compounds. The Pro Taper pillow top lite grips offer tacky compound and a lower profile to ensure better overall hand control. As well as these traditional grips, there are also a range of Pro Taper Clamp On MX Grips that require no grip glue. Pro Taper have catered to all brands of bikes with their range of colours on offer - whether you are on a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM or other, there is more than just grey and black available in the wide Pro Taper motocross grip range.