A case saver is a smart investment for any dirt bike rider. These simple guards encompass the front sprocket and chain of your motorbike where the sprocket connects to the motor. In the event of chain related failure, the case saver deflects any impacts that have the potential to cause any serious and expensive damage to your engine. And while snapping chains isn't overly common in off road riding, the small price of a case saver makes it a smart investment. Here at MXstore we stock a massive range of high quality case savers from such brands as RHK, Hammerhead, Zeta, Force Accessories and more. Whether you are riding a KTM, Husqvarna or Yamaha enduro machine or a Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki motocross weapon, we have a case saver to suit your bike.

As well as case savers, here at MXstore we stock one of Australia's largest ranges of dirt bike parts and accessories. Whether you are needing handlebars, hand guards, foot pegs, a new chain guide or front sprocket cover we have all you could ever need for your motorbike. We have a huge range of parts designed to protect your bike such as skid plates, bash plates, radiator guards, clutch covers, swing arm protectors and more. As well we have all the gear you'll ever need to protect yourself when on the bike: Helmets, boots, goggles and gear galore.