If you've wound your adjusters out as far as they can go and your throttle response is slow and steady, it might well be time to get your dirt bike a new throttle cable. Over time both your dirt bike throttle cables and clutch cables cop a serious work out and stretch beyond the cable housings limits. Once things get to this stage, it's a worthwhile investment to get yourself some new cables. But don't worry about grabbing an expensive OEM part as a replacement, no matter the bike you are riding, whether a Yamaha, Honda or KTM enduro machine or a Suzuki, Kawasaki or Husqvarna motocross bike - MXstore has got you covered with our range of replacement throttle cables from A1 Accessories and Motion Pro.

As well as a huge range of dirt bike cables, MXstore has a huge range of motorcycle parts to keep your machine dialed. When it comes to in and around your throttle assembly we have complete replacement throttle kits,  throttle tubes, throttle housings as well as cable lubers and repair kits. As well we can sort you with a new bend of handlebars, some hand guards or a new set of MX grips. If you need any help picking out the parts you need or how to use them, don't hesitate to get in touch with out friendly customer service team.