RHK is a very well-known parts brand that offers a range of unique products for hundreds of dirt bike models. RHK gear levers are a popular choice for any racer as they offer increased protection against snapping the OEM shifter in a race. The RHK gear shift levers are incredibly durable and offer a spring-loaded anodized tip for increased usability. The gear shifter also can be placed on the dirt bike spline in a range of heights to accommodate each riders riding style, preference, or even boot size. These items are available for many models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki machines! We notice popular dirt bikes such as the RHK KTM 65SX parts, Honda CRF250R and Suzuki RMZ450 are always getting kitted out with RHK dirt bike parts to bling the bike up!

RHK offers a range of similar off-road parts that can match the new gear shift lever. If you recently purchased a blue gear lever for your Yamaha YZ 250F or WR250F you can opt for items such as coloured rim locks, Sprockets, oil filter covers, CNC machined rear brake pedals, clutch and brake levers, caliper covers, and a range of other bike parts. These items are in direct competition with brands such as Zeta, Hammerhead, and Ballards. Be sure to check out the items available for your moto by using the bike finder tool on the website and grab a bolt kit to install the new parts! These items are one for the wishlist!