Racetech fork protectors are an extremely important plastic component for the dirt bike as they keep the fork legs protected for the roost and debris that gets thrown at the front of the dirt bike from the racer in front, at incredible speeds. Off-road, fork guards play the crucial barrier protectant in front of the expensive dirt bike forks which also play a crucial part in the performance of the motorcycle. Motocross and enduro racing machines all require fork guards to pass and be eligible for the competition on the moto tracks.

Racetech has superior fitment on all models of dirt bike fork guards on offer. Whether you ride a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda CRF250R or CRF-450R, Suzuki RM125 or RMZ250, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Gas Gas, Sherco or Husaberg this company provides equipment for all! OEM fitments are extremely similar in shape design, however, Rtech provides a range of high-quality colour options for you to check out and add to the shopping cart. Racetech offers full plastic kits, handguards for the handlebars, supermoto front fenders, and more for each model year of a dirt bike. With competition from UFO, Acerbis, and Polisport all year round, riders and teams from the United States and around the globe are always in high demand for these actual products. Be sure to check out the Rtech products for your Suzuki RM or KTM SX model next time you hit the track and throw some spare parts in the gear bag!