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Buying Guides  |  24 February 2022

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Are you ready?

Firstly, a Transmoto event is an offroad Enduro race where riders and their bikes are put to the test on a variety of terrains, environments and locations. You can choose to participate in the event in a variety of ways including, the Iron Man (solo), Pairs or in a Team 3 or 4. Everyone who has been previously can't get over the vibe in the pits, the fun games and the atmosphere! Choose to ride in any of the classes and you are guaranteed smiles all weekend long and memories that last a lifetime.

So you’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a Transmoto or you've signed up for multiple events.... On this page, we give you all tips you need to survive this mammoth event and make sure it is the best weekend of riding you’ve had in a long time! The most important thing in preparing for your big event or events is making sure your bike, protective gear, boots and riding gear are in the best possible condition they can be. We have worked with the crew at Transmoto to compile a list of the most critical essentials you need to have in order before you arrive. There are a few brands that get behind these events and have purpose-built gear, parts, and accessories to ensure you and your bike survive!

Top 5 essentials you need before you head to a Transmoto:

1. Protection:

Helmet, Boots, Gloves, Protection, and Googles are the necessities. Even though these are amateur events, make no mistake, it's a race. So you want to make sure your gear is up to the challenge, especially in the event of an accident as quite often you will end up going down at one point or another with the challenging circuit Transmoto provides. A well-vented helmet, knee braces/guards are essential for staying protected and cool on this endurance race! A spare pair of goggles never hurt as conditions can change through the day and sometimes it's a fresh non-sweaty pair of goggles that gets you to the finish line!

2. Bike:

Make sure your bike is up to scratch! Give it some love and do a service well before the event and get it out for a test ride before you get there. We’ve seen so many people let down by not prepping their steed correctly, don't let this be you. If you can afford it, at a bare minimum throw on some new tyres, a fresh air filter, and a fresh oil filter and oil to give your bike the best chance to survive. If you are unsure about a particular part we recommend replacing it, there's nothing worse than driving many hours, paying entry all for a chain to fail or brake pads to be metal on metal! Check your bike from front to back to ensure your weekend isn't cut short allowing you more time to enjoy one of the greatest weekends of your life!

3. Spares and tools:

There is nothing worse than needing something simple and not having packed any backups or the tools to change it. At a bare minimum make sure to pack some spare tubes, air filters, grips, levers and the essential tools. As we mentioned these races can be long and in all sorts of conditions and generally involve a tip-over or two so don't be caught out, be prepared! Worst case scenario, at most events there will be someone somewhere in the pits with the part or tool you need however it may cost you a pretty penny so we always recommend taking your own spares and a variety of tools! 

4. Hydration:

A good hydration pack is an absolute must! Depending on the location of the event and the size of the circuit, some of these enduro laps are 25 to 45 minutes long! The last thing we want is you getting dehydrated and not performing your best! Fox and Ballard's have some great options for your Hydration Packs along with many other brands that we stock! It is also a good idea to take some electrolytes with you to replace the salts in your body and reduce the risk of dehydration and cramping. Top up on all of your rider supplements prior to going so you ensure it's not your body ending your ride of a lifetime.

5. Tyres:

You’ve invested a lot to get to this event, be ahead of the game and make sure your tread is dialled. Don’t wait until you finish your first lap to realise you should have installed new tyres. Dunlop has a huge selection of tyres for a variety of terrains along with many other brands, don’t let bad traction let you or your team down.


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