No matter how new your bike is or how good a rider/mechanic you are, chances are at some point in time you will have nuts and bolts rattle loose and vibrate out of your bike and disappear under a layers of loamy dirt never to be found again.

At times this can happen at the worst possible time and severely affect your ride day. Just ask anybody who has lost a seat due to a couple of bolts which did the disappearing act.

MXstore stocks a wide range of dirt bike bolt kits to suit just about any bike on the market today! Don’t get caught out without a seat again and avoid the need to hold your bike together for a day with zip ties with motocross bolt kits from MXstore Australia.

Some bolt kits at MXstore qualify for free freight Australia wide and with hassle free returns there are no excuses when it comes to keeping your bike in one piece at the track!