Uni Filter is proudly an Australian owned and operated company, boasting a range of over 7,000 products to suit cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, SUV’s, trucks, high performance vehicles, industrial machinery, and of course, dirt bikes. Uni Filter entered the filtration industry in 1971 with a simple concept, “Let’s design an air filter that works!” Uni Filter's engineers decided upon polyurethane foam as the air filtration element, thanks to its superior dirt capturing capabilities and the ease of which it can be cleaned and reused. The founders of UniFilter Australia believe that the dustier the conditions, the better their filters work. The crew here at MXstore would tend to agree, with Uni Filter foam filters in the boss's KTM. But no matter the bike you are on, Uni Filter Air Filters also work for your Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki machines. The Uni Filter range are highly regarded for off road use, not just here in Australia but far and wide. For most modern dirt bikes, the Uni Filter O2 Rush range of foam air filters are a solid option, with their unique ribbed design increasing surface area and filtration capability without adding to the thickness of the filter which restricts airflow. Uni Filter also boasts an extensive range of pod filters that suit many pit bikes and mini bikes. Featuring a harder wearing outer layer while still offering the ultra performing UniFilter foam inner foam, we have a huge range of these pod filters available in stock.