Gaerne Motocross Boots carry a certain respect that a product and a brand take years to build up with the consumer. And there's a very good reason for the respect! One of the powerhouse brands in the MX Boots market, Gaerne is well known for producing some of the most technical and performance orientated boots you'll ever see. Building upon the success they established over in the European market, these boots have worked their way around the globe to become one of the top brands in the industry. Racers like Cooper Webb and James Stewart have tasted the ultimate success whilst donning Gaerne Boots, and there's hardly a weekend that goes by around the world that a set of Gaerne's won't find their way onto a professional racing podium.

Unsure of what to look for in a set of motocross boots? Be sure to check out our MXstore Motocross Boot Buying Guide, where we dive into the technology and safety features on offer behind the leading boot brands in the world. Gaerne Boots are up near the top end of the price scale, but for a very good reason - these are some of the safest MX boots you'll ever put on your feet. Statistically speaking, lower leg injuries are the most common injury associated with dirt bike riding, so it's no surprise that the boot market is one of the most hotly contested, with new features and technologies being introduced week in, week out, in an effort reduce the number of lower leg injuries in the sport. The Gaerne SG-12 Boots are a prime example of what happens when a brand pushes the limits on what is possible when it comes to creating the safest product possible. 

Be sure to check out the whole range of Gaerne MX Boots and enjoy free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $20! Happy shopping legends, and as always, ride safe.