Gearing ratio on your offroad or motocross bike can make an insane difference to the power output and Top end responsiveness of your dirtbike in all riding conditions. Changing the front sprocket and rear sprocket can we an affordable way to gain power either on the bottom end or across the entire rev range. Also known as the countershaft sprocket, the front sprocket acts as one of the most important pieces of the drive chain and efficiently turns horsepower into top speed! We recommend sticking as close to the OEM front sprocket sizing and changing the rear sprocket size otherwise the chain can be under a lot of force and exert extreme tension causing it and the sprockets to wear quicker and potentially fail.

We offer a selection of leading brands such as Renthal, Supersprox, Ballards, Talon, and many more. All of which offer a variety of sizes for most makes and models of dirt bikes. These leading brands offer a huge display of front and rear sprockets to compliment your ride. With options such as Twinring and alloy or full steel sprockets to select there are numerous combinations readily available for your machine. Choosing the correct gear ratio between front and rear sprockets will change the bikes handling and feel of the gearbox to suit your riding style and can act as a quick and affordable change while you are at the track chasing a little more power!

We also hold a number of chain rollers, chain guides, replacement chain links and rear sprocket bolts to keep your rear wheel turning efficiently and effectively! We recommend using the bike finder tool on our website to find the correct fitment for your KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki! These bike parts are a great addition to the shopping cart!