All dirt bikes use a sprocket and chain as the primary drive chain system. The chain, although very important, has very little to do with the engine and speed characteristics of your Motocross bike. The sprockets, in particular the rear sprocket located on the rear wheel, is a vital component in tuning the speed and acceleration of your dirtbike. It is probably the easiest way to change a motorcycles' demeanor in the way it makes its speed. Changing gearing to a larger rear sprocket (more teeth than standard), will allow the bike to rev quicker, therefore creating greater acceleration (more bottom end). Conversely, fitting a smaller rear sprocket, will allow for more top speed (more top end & high speed).  It is up to you as a rider to choose the correct size sprocket depending on the style of terrain you are riding. For example, Supercross riding requires a larger (quite often largest) rear sprocket to allow that punch out of the corner and over the triple (or quad) jump. In traditional Motorcross, a smaller rear sprocket would be used to maximise a higher average speed.

Once you choose the size you need, now its time to choose the style of construction for your rear sprocket. There are a few to choose from, being: Solid Steel Sprocket (rock-solid rear sprocket made of steel that lasts and lasts),  Aluminum Sprocket (The most common and popular rear sprocket made out of lightweight alloy. Much lighter than steel, but does not last as long). Most of the time high-quality sprocket bolts are replaced with the previous set at the same time as the rear sprocket to ensure the fresh thread is added for extra strength.

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