D.I.D Chains are regarded as one of the highest quality motorbike chain manufacturers in the world. Their wide range of dirt bike chains can be found as OEM equipment of enduro and motocross bikes the world over, with every major motorcycle manufacturer also using them for a large proportion of their street bikes as well. Having such a good quality chain on your bike from new makes it a no brainer to keep using their product once it comes time to replace your worn out drive train, so it is just a matter of choosing which DID chain works for your bike. Here at MXstore we stock a massive range of D.I.D chains, so whether your off road riding on your KTM or Yamaha enduro bike, or ride a dual sport Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki machine we can get you sorted. Determining what heavy duty chain you would like from the D.I.D range of O-ring chains, an X-ring chains or non-sealed options is the biggest decision other than chain size and what type of masterlink to go with. The drive chain you choose depends primarily on what will fit, and then on your level of upkeep, with some chains not requiring cleaning and lubing as much as others. The tensile strength and wear resistance of a chain are much touted selling points, but even the most expensive racing chain will flog out quickly if not properly maintained. 

As well as the DID range, MXstore stock a huge range of dirt bike chains from Renthal, Pro Taper, RK and EK Chains. Do yourself a favour when replacing your chain also and check over your sprockets and go for fresh ones if they are showing signs of wear. Having already worn sprocket teeth and a new chain does just shorten the life of your new chain, so it's in your best interest to replace them while you're going. We can help you out with sprockets as well, with MXstore stocking options from Supersprox, JT Sprockets, Talon, Ballards and more.