One of the most important things on a motocross or enduro machine can be the firm grip you have on the handlebars. Whether it be an ATV quad bike or even MTB OR BMX bike, being able to hold the bike and ensure you are in control the entire time is crucial. For the kids riding their minibikes, this is important as they are still in the learning phase and need to feel like they have control.

With a range of brands to choose from in the handgrips section Such as Pro TaperRenthalPro Grip and a few others are specifically for bigger bikes there are always options. Whereas currently ODI, Torc 1 and MCS offer a variety of colours and compound options for your kids mini bikes! Dirt bike hand grips come in many colours and compounds such as pillow-top grips, half waffle grips, diamond gripsfull waffle grips, dual density grips and Lock-on grips. Generally, the motocross grips are secured to the motorcycle handlebar with safety wire and grip glue unless you purchase a set of lock-on grips.

To compliment your minibike grips checkout some of the colourful and affordable grip donuts to liven up the MX grips and ensure your KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Husqvarna or Suzuki looks the part as well as replacing the OEM dirt bike grips. From starting on a pit bike to becoming the ultimate racer can be done with the correct setup!