We offer a huge range of off-road and enduro motocross grips to suit all dirt bikes and give you the optimum feel on the track! A popular style of dirt bike grip is waffle compound grips. We have a huge range of styles to choose from such as full diamond grips, half-waffle grips, ODI Emig lock-on grips, full waffle, and a range of pillow top grips. Based on customer feedback and reviews we have found waffle density grips to be one of the soft compounds in the new grips range. 

Our display of OEM replacement motorcycle grips requires grip glue and safety wire to correctly install them to your handlebars and ensure your hand controls are easily accessible. With a range of brands such as Renthal grip kevlar waffle pattern, Pro Taper grips, Scott handlebar grips, Pro Grip and so many more, we will have a set of grips to suit your machine! We also have a range of grip donuts, bar ends, and handguards to choose from if you were looking kit out your handlebars! 

The best part about new grips is the feel between your gloves and the handlebars. New grips can be essential when racing to help reduce the risk of getting some arm pump and affecting your riding ability or duration. Waffle grips are an amazing replacement of the old grips on your KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Suzuki dirt bike. Some of the best racers in the world over in the USA prefer to use a waffle MX grip as they say it provides the best 'feel' between you and the machine and offers more control when you're attacking even the roughest sections of the track! 

Like all glue on grips, there are 2 sizes in the set. One side with a smaller inner diameter to suit the left side of the handlebar and one size a little larger for the right side to accommodate the throttle tube.