Here at MXstore, we stock a large range of dirt bike grips, but when it comes to pillow top grips you can't go wrong. With us listing brands like Pro Taper, Scott and Torc 1 that will fit on all 7/8 and tapered fat bar handlebars your hands will be loving what we have to offer. Pillow top grips are used to eliminate vibration and cushion impact while riding any motocross or enduro circuit. 

With products like the Pro Taper Pillow Top Dual Compound grip which has features like Anti-rip tips made of a denser compound to increase the life of your grip, you can know that dropping it in a turn won't leave you with a grip full of dirt. Pro Taper pillow top grips also have a self-clean system to shed mud and reduce dirt build up on the outer surface of the grip.  Don't stop looking there though, if you are looking for more options you have to give our Scott Mellow Grips a look as they're very similar in design but have their own gel-like surface compound and pattern that may be more comfortable for some. These grips also include grip donuts which are used to reduce the likelihood of getting blisters on the inside of your hand.  MX grips are a very personal choice as there are so many choices, from types of inner core compounds to the vibrasonix pillow top MX grip which reduces vibration. 

All of our motorcycle grips are available to check out in-store where you can see and feel the grip to see if they will work for you.  Remember that all pillow top grips need to be fitted with grip glue that we also sell.  If you're having any trouble choosing the right ones for you or need some help getting that wishlist sorted, give our Customer Service team a call and they will be happy to talk through any enquiries you may have.