Torc 1 Racing is based out of Texas, USA, and for many years have made it their mission to bring you high quality performance dirt bike parts and accessories. Their innovative approach to designing and developing premium aftermarket parts sets them apart from the competition, their Torc 1 Levers a fine example of this. The simple idea of including a spare black lever with the anodized factory lever has made them one of the most popular products in the market. Of course, their very affordable price and superior product quality plays a big part of that, but like the Torc 1 brand as a whole, by being a little bit different, they stand out from the rest.

Another of Torc 1's best product lines is the Torc 1 Shifters. Again standing out from the crowd, these trick little parts include shifter tip extensions that allow you customize your gear shifter to accomodate different boot sizes. Not everyone has the same size foot, so why would your gear shifter only have one size? That's what we love about the Torc 1 brand; they think outside the box and more often than not hit the nail on the head, giving the customer something they might not realise they need, but once they have it they will never look back. Check out the ever expanding range of Torc 1 products here at MXstore and you'll quickly find out why they're one of the fastest growing parts and accessories brands in the market.