Our dual compound grips come in many brands such as RenthalPro TaperODIProgrip and more!  All dual compound grips that we sell fit all 7/8 and tapered fat handlebars with the quick application of some grip glue that we also provide.  Dual compound grips have been big in the motocross, off-road and enduro community for many years as the thickness offered provides an extra layer of protection between your hands and handlebars.  This can help limit the amount of vibration traveling through your hands and then therefore reducing arm pump.  MX grips are made in different styles like diamond grips, half-waffle, full waffle, and standard waffle grips so you're able to find the perfect feel for yourself.  

Pro Taper grips came into the dual compound grip game with their Pro Taper pillow top lite MX grips which are both comfortable and dual compound grips. Now if you're trying to reduce blisters on the inside of your hand because the dual compound grips are tough on the inside, make sure to look at our grip donuts which are little rings of foam made to reduce blisters that may build on the inside of your hand area.  Dirt bike grips are also made in Renthal dual compound Kevlar grips and ODI MX lock-on grips which are one of the most popular motocross grip on the market at the moment and fit with their own throttle tube provided to make for easy and clean fitment and no grip glue needed.