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Reviews  |  8 January 2018

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Here at MXstore, we're always looking for ways to better improve our customer's experience with us. We sat back and thought to ourselves, how can we create our own meaningful, useful, and actually relatable content that our customers will froth all over? The answer - Project Bike. After thinking long and hard, we decided to get in touch with Honda Australia and see what we could do.

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For us, the Honda was the obvious starting point. The 2017 CRF450R was a brand new, completely updated dirt shredding machine that hit the market with a bang, largely thanks to a guy by the name of Ken Roczen. Luckily for us, Honda was more than keen to get involved with our Project Bike idea, and before you knew it we had a brand spanking new Honda CRF450R turn up on our doorstep. With help from some of our favourite brands, we collected a huge range of aftermarket parts to trick out our new Project Bike with. Check out some of the parts we used to deck out this beautiful machine below!

Project Bike - The Breakdown

Being Australia's largest stockist of aftermarket dirt bike parts and accessories certainly has its perks. With so many brands at our disposal, it was relatively easy picking and choosing the brands we wanted to work with for our Project Bike campaign, and we're beyond stoked at how the finished product turned out! In addition to the above image, we're going to dive a little deeper into the individual parts that make up the Project Bike and offer some insights into why we chose these parts and brands. Be sure to click through to any of the complete product reviews for the entire rundown of each one!

Honda CRF450R 2017 MXstore Project Bike Talon Magnesium HubMXstore Project Bike Honda CRF450 Talon Hub Supersprox SprocketsHonda CRF450R 2017 Project Bike Excel Series Rims Talon Hubs

Talon/Excel Magnesium Wheel Set

What an absolute beauty. Our friends at Talon and Excel have put together these wheels for our Honda CRF450 using magnesium Talon hubs and black Excel signature series rims, and the finished product is a masterpiece. These guys certainly know what they're doing when it comes to aftermarket wheel sets. Their Talon hubs are widely renowned as the best hub that money can buy. Lighter and stronger than the majority of hubs on the market, a 36 hole construction offers superior strength that a bike like ours will froth all over. Quality and performance should always come first when it comes to replacing parts like your wheels, and you can't go wrong with a set of these beauties.

Buy Talon/Excel Magnesium Wheel Set

See our Wheel Set installation video

Moto-Master Oversized Braking Kit

Class leading performance. When it comes to upgrading the braking system on your dirt bike, it's hard to look past an oversized Moto-Master Braking Kit. These kits include a 270mm oversized front brake rotor, a billet calliper bracket, as well as Moto-Master nitro brake pads. We also chucked a Moto-Master Flame Series rear disc on to complete the package. Perfect for serious motocross riders, this combination will add some serious stopping power to your machine, adding a performance gain up to 35% over stock, as well as a 20% weight saving. The change was noticeable immediately, with our resident MXstore product tester Jake Lowe saying frothing at the bit when we chucked them on, saying they were "the best brakes he'd ever ridden with" after taking the Honda for a test run. Moto-Master are one of the best brands in the business, and you can quote us on that one.

Buy Moto-Master Oversized Braking Kit

Supersprox/EK Chain & Sprocket Kit

The ultimate combination. One of the worldwide leading brands in sprockets teamed up with a leader in dirt bike chains, and the end result was a winner. Supersprox sprockets have long been considered industry leaders, and we were eager to chuck them on the Project Bike to see how they went. A 49 tooth black Stealth rear sprocket and a 13 tooth Stealth front sprocket was a beautiful combo, and their renowned toughness was evident after a couple of test rides - good as new. Teamed up with a 520 QX-Ring Gold EK Chain, we found ourselves sitting on one of the baddest drivetrains we've ever seen on a dirt bike. If you're looking at upgrading either your sprockets or your chain (or both!), neither of these brands will let you down.

Buy Supersprox/EK Chain & Sprocket Kit

See our Supersprox & EK Chain installation video

Pirelli Extra X Tyres

Pirelli Extra X Tyres are a rarity in the dirt bike industry; ultra-durable performance and reliability, yet easy on the wallet and bank account. An ideal choice for anyone, from professional racers to amateur riders and weekend warriors, the Extra X is made for all types of terrain and offer pure performance lap after lap. We took these bad boys for a spin out at Queensland Moto Park, and they literally blew our socks off. These tyres ate the somewhat hardpack ground of the natural terrain track for breakfast, while still performing at a high level on the softer ground of the motocross tracks. There's a good reason why Pirelli Tyres are regarded as one of the best tyre brands in the dirt bike industry, and the Extra X tyres are the perfect example of that.

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See our Dirtbike Tyres installation video

FMF Factory 4.1 Anodized Titanium Megabomb Header Pipe HondaFMF Factory 4.1 Titanium Anodized Dual Exhaust System Honda CRF450R

FMF Factory 4.1 Megabomb Exhaust System

FMF was the first brand that came to mind when we thought exhausts, and given their highly respected standing in the industry, that should come as no surprise. The anodised titanium FMF systems, unlike any other on offer, certainly played a strong hand in why we wanted to get our hands on an FMF exhaust. And as you can see from the finished product, the look of these things is second to none! Having said that, exhaust systems are certainly not cheap, and there's a lot more to these systems than just the looks. For an in-depth look into what makes the FMF Factory 4.1 Megabomb Systems one of the best on the market, check out the full Factory 4.1 Titanium Exhaust Review and see what else these beauties are bringing to the race track.

Buy FMF Factory 4.1 Megabomb Exhaust System

See our FMF Exhaust System installation video

RTECH Plastics Kit

Learning from their work with the Pro Circuit Kawasaki Race Team, RTECH have quickly become one of the best aftermarket dirt bike plastics brands in the world. Made from UV resistant polypropylene and injection moulded in premium quality technopolymers, these plastics come all the way Italy, and their quality is up there with the very best of them. We stuck with the OEM colour scheme for our Project Bike, adding a custom MXstore graphics kit on top to complete the look. Fitment compared to the stock kit was absolutely spot on, as was the colour match. Check out our easy as How-To Installation Guide for Plastics to see just how simple it is to chuck one of these kits onto your bike.

Buy RTECH Plastics Kit

See our RTECH Plastics Kit installation video

Hinson Clutch Cover

Nothing screams style like a Hinson clutch cover. Race proven worldwide by most factory teams including HRC Honda, Monster Energy Kawasaki, Factory Red Bull KTM, and Rockstar Husqvarna, Hinson are world leaders in dirt bike clutch covers. No doubt you'll see them week in week out on bikes being ridden by Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson and Jeffrey Herlings, so you know they're the real deal. Super simple to install, these things are precision machined from billet T-6 aircraft quality aluminium. Hard coated for extreme boot wear resistance, a Hinson clutch cover is much stronger than stock. Well worth the dollars if only for the looks, the heavy duty toughness of these things combined with the reduced weight makes them a must have for any serious rider.

Buy Hinson Clutch Cover

Motoseat Seat Cover

Motoseat is our number one after market seat cover brand, and for good reason. A huge range of colours options for most dirt bikes ever made means there's something for everyone. And their Custom Seat Cover option is just another reason that sets them apart. We got ourselves a 5 rib seat cover with black top, white ribs, and red sides, which fitted our MXstore colour scheme perfectly. Riding this beast became a breeze after we upgraded the seat cover, with the ribbed design combining perfectly with the rubberised material construction to offer superior grip on the bike whilst riding. Double stitched for extra durability, the seat cover took a beating over a few test rides, and came out the other side looking good as new, so we can't fault it there. And if you're worried about the installation process, fear not! Check out our Dirt Bike Seat Cover Installation video and you'll see how simple it is.

See our Motoseat Seat Cover installation video

Buy Motoseat Seat Cover

Honda CRF450R Pro Taper Platform 2.3 Foot PegsHonda CRF450R Project Bike Neken Handlebars ARC Levers ODI GripsMXstore Honda Project Bike CRF450R 2017

Pro Taper Platform 2.3 Foot Pegs

Foot pegs are a crucial part of the dirt bike, perhaps more so than most people realise. We decided to take a punt on a relatively new product to our business with the new Pro Taper Platform 2.3 Foot Pegs. The Pro Taper brand is one of the more respected in the industry, so we figured their foot pegs were going to be up to scratch. And boy were we correct! These things blew away all our expectations of a set of foot pegs. The extra wide pegs offer a huge platform to stand on, and the look of them alone make these worth the price of admission. With the options to customise the height of the cleats, these things offer the flexibility to set them up however you like. A 10/10 rating from us!

Buy Pro Taper Platform 2.3 Foot Pegs

Neken Handlebars

Relatively new to Australia, Neken handlebars have hit our shores with a splash. The very same handlebars run by the Star Racing Yamaha team over in the US, the Neken Conical handlebars offer true value for money. We ran with a 121 Bend in the red & white design, then chucked a red Neken bar pad on top for good measure. The look complemented the overall style of the bike really well, and when we took it out for a test ride we were more than impressed with the feel of the bars. Super lightweight yet extremely strong, you can tell these bars mean serious business just by the feel of them. For an insight into dirt bike handlebars, how to choose the right ones for you, and even how to install them, check out our Complete Guide to Dirt Bike Handlebars now.

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See our Neken Handlebars installation video

ARC Levers

ARC Levers were at the top of our list when it came to a new brake and clutch lever for our Project Bike. We wanted the best of the best, and the ARC Composite Levers are certainly capable of claiming that title. Taking the composite materials used in aircraft and race cars for years, ARC incorporated this technology into their brake and clutch levers. The main feature of these levers - you will never break one. Strong enough to do the job, yet can be bent and straightened over 20 times without any diminished appearance or strength. Simple to install, glorious to look at, if you're after a solid set of aftermarket levers, ARC will certainly not let you down.

Buy ARC Levers

ODI Lock On Grips

Convenience defined, ODI lock on grips take the hassle out of changing the grips on your dirt bike. You can literally install these things in a minute or two, and cutting your old grips off the handlebars will take even less than that. The grips themselves perform as any good dirt bike grip would. We grabbed ourselves a set of Soft Compound Half Waffle grey grips, and it's hard to explain in words just how good these things feel on your hands. The half waffle offers superior grip, and the soft compound is definitely gentle enough on our office hands to not tear them apart after a session on the track. ODI have knocked this one out of the park, and we can't see ourselves going back to traditional grips anytime soon.

Buy ODI Lock On Grips

Thank you

Thank you to all of our brands who got involved in our Project Bike!

A massive thank you to all of the brands who contributed parts and accessories to our Honda CRF450R Project Bike and KustomMX for the exclusively printed MXstore graphics kit (see the graphics kit installation video). The finished product was an absolute beauty and we couldn't have done it without you all. We know the winner of our competition to win the Project Bike will be forever grateful for your support, and we certainly can't wait to do it all again soon! Check out our Project Bike brand pages below to shop the product range shown on the Project Bike for yourself!

Honda CRF450R 2017 MXstore Project Bike


Thank You For Getting Involved!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our 2017 Project Bike competition! It was awesome to see so many entries coming through that wanted to win the bike for their family members, friends and loved ones, sharing the passion for riding! We read every single entry and we certainly enjoyed all the funny poems and one liners. Thank you again to the supporting brands (below) and as always thank you for your ongoing support we really appreciate it!

But, unfortunately, we only have one Project Bike, so there can only be one winner. A massive congratulations to Steve Peacock from NSW, who entered with this creative poem:

"Feel the freedom, With torque at hand, Exhilaration, ride the land. And as the dirt whips up some more, I scream my thanks to MXstore!!"


Bike Winner1 Bike Winner2 Bike Winner3



What's Next?

Stay tuned, Project Bike 2.0 is coming soon…

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Congrats to Steve, cant say I'm not envious buuuuut who wouldn't with pride!

13 November 2018

Would love it so much

Would so mint to win this bike or to even own it

Cameron on 20 April 2018

Congrats Steve

Enjoy the beast, you will look fast just towing it round the streets.

Warren Barnard on 10 January 2018

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