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Reviews  |  20 September 2017

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MXstore Project Bike

Here at MXstore, we're always looking for ways to better improve our customer's experience with us. We sat back and thought to ourselves, how can we create our own meaningful, useful and actually relatable content that our customers will froth all over? The answer - we needed to get ourselves a dirt bike. Now, nearly all of us here ride bikes of our own, but to have our very own Project Bike dedicated solely to helping our customers better understand anything and everything relating to a motorbike was a whole other story. After some serious consideration, we decided to get in touch with Honda Australia and see what we could do.

For us, the Honda was the obvious starting point. The 2017 CRF450R was a brand new, completely updated dirt shredding machine that hit the market with a bang, largely thanks to a guy by the name of Ken Roczen. Not to mention the Red, White and Black fit in just nicely with the MXstore colours. Luckily for us, Honda was more than keen to get involved with our Project Bike idea, and before you knew it we had a brand spanking new Honda CRF450R turn up on our doorstep.

With help from some of our favourite brands, we collected a huge range of aftermarket parts to trick out our new Project Bike with, producing some useful how-to guides along the way to help our customers with some of the more tricky parts on the dirt bike. Exhaust systems, Handlebars, Seat Covers, Wheels, Air Filters, Tyres and many more categories will all be featured along the way, so keep your eyes on the Project Bike via this page or our social channels to stay up to date with anything Project Bike related.

And you'll want to make sure you don't miss a thing - as one of our loyal customers will be riding this bad boy away for Christmas when we're finished with it!

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Check out some of the brands involved in our Project Bike below!


Project Bike Winner

Comments (29)

Let me at it

Lay down tracks

Test Tester on 30 November 2017

Pick me!!

All my son’s dreams would come true winning this beauty!

30 November 2017

MX Store to my door.

Living in outback QLD almost on the Northern Territory border, It's not always easy to get what you need. But MX Store kills it every time! Love their service, prices, and super fast delivery! MX Store is always my first stop when I need anything bike related. ✊✊✊✊

29 November 2017

08 crf 450

AMAZING store great service Got an 08 450 limited edition that I love Honda runs through my blood Would love to see if the newer models cut the mustard obviously saying that you can see I love my 08 crf and at same time would never afford a newer one being a single father of 2 beautiful boys that have 08 crf bikes aswell but are also happy because as long as we have a Honda we don't care how old they are We even have a very old qr 50 Honda that we eventually want to restore as we can afford it Just to have a Honda to keep forever

29 November 2017

Beastie Boy up for grabs!

Fantastic promo, great to see so many of your suppliers kicking in. It gives you a little more faith that not everyone out is totally focused on the Almighty $$ ! !! I get a bit off gear off you from time to time so I want you guys to stay in business forever. Thanks, Gaz

28 November 2017

It's Mine

It's mine because, i deserve it, i just do, K

28 November 2017

it's mine

i deserve it i just do K

28 November 2017



28 November 2017

How good is this comp

Let it be me

28 November 2017

Under the tree

Now I have to work out where to park it

28 November 2017

great idea

What a great idea to help with fitting all of the awesome product to this great machine. Will make 1 customer very very happy

28 November 2017

Santa's coming

Hopefully Santa leaves the tired reindeer and arrives on that 4-stroke!

28 November 2017

Gotta be in it to win it.

One can only pray and keep ones fingers & toes crossed that one could win such a fantastic prize !

28 November 2017

Honda Australia and MX store collaboration werx!

This is a truly great vehicle (!) to showpiece both the Honda’s standard brilliance and MX Store’s upgrade possibilities. Smart and cool, great idea and really useful tutorials too.

28 November 2017

Awesome Xmas present

Somebody is going to be very happy little camper if this Honda is sitting next to the Christmas tree

28 November 2017

Shop 4 quality goods

Had have no trouble getting stuff that I need thought mx store, from parts to gear from adults to kids, would love to ride out with that.

27 November 2017

Perfect Christmas Present

If I won this I know what i'd be doing all Christmas!

27 November 2017


mad bike looks like a beast would love to have it.

27 November 2017


Ohhhhh, look what you’ve done. My dream bike in a compition available to win!!! I just want it more now.

26 November 2017


MX Honda is a sic concept. Im inspired guys!

26 November 2017

My son's dream

I could ride with my son; He's dream could be real...

26 November 2017



26 November 2017


That is one very fine looking bike maybe I've been in the wrong colors all these year,maybe i can win me one for xmas

26 November 2017

Deliver to Gibson Rd

Delivery address above

26 November 2017

So fresh!

Awesome concept guys, can't wait to see the finished product. Love your work legends!

25 September 2017


By the time this bike is finished it's going to look awesome .Definitely a fun bike to ride and own .

25 September 2017

Most Loyal Customer Right Here!

I started buying everything from mxstore this year, practically everything i have is mxstore ill be entering the Christmas competition for sure. now to go see how these seatcovers go on than to buy one ;)

25 September 2017

Good Plan

There is no better way to show off your parts than to put it all out there as a project, also doesn't hurt to have a decent manufacturer willing to let you muck around, with their product as it might turn out well for you both. Good Luck!!!!

23 September 2017

What a Dream

I would love to be able to ride this with all the goodies on it!

20 September 2017

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