ARC Levers was started after the realisation there was a need to create a lever which was repositioned to fit to a riders hand size. When first making prototypes ARC discovered they could make the lever rotate out of the way in a crash preventing the lever from being damaged in a number of crashes.

Since 1999 ARC have worked closely with Factory teams and World Championship winning riders to develop a range of products to meet the industries brutal requirements.

ARC stand proud by their dedication to manufacture the majority of their products on US soil. They believe that American made products keep jobs in the country and boost their domestic economy while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Although ARC Brake Levers and ARC Clutch Levers are by far the most popular items the brand is known for. The company has made everything from Triple Clamps through to Forged Fuel valves for none other than Ricky Carmichael. They let the need for “something better” dictate what they will create, which is the reason more factory teams are making the choice to only run ARC bike parts.