Win Pack #14 - Trials Sponsorship

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Pack 14 WinnerIf Trials riding is your thing, then you better believe that this is the one for you. Often the forgotten discipline when it comes to talking about the motorcycle industry, we know firsthand just how damn talented anyway who throws their leg over a trials bike needs to be. So for our 2018 MXstore Sponsorship Comp, we knew we had the find a place for one lucky Trials rider to come up trumps! Thanks to a bunch of our favourite brands, the Trials Sponsorship is one seriously enticing package, so if climbing vertical walls and rock faces on your bike is your go-to for fun, this is the one you need.


Two of your most essential items when it comes to Trials riding have been covered by two of the best brands in the business - you'll be getting an Airoh TTR-S Trials Helmet, as well as a set of Alpinestars Tech T Trials Boots. Seven have got your outfit covered with a Seven Zero Gear Set, one of the best you can get your hands on, and there's an almost endless list of trick bike parts and accessories to go along with it. We guarantee this one will not disappoint, so if you're serious about your Trials riding, make sure you enter the Airoh Alpinestars Trials Sponsorship!




Thank you to the following Brands for helping to make this happen:

The Trials Sponsorship includes a 12 month personal wholesale account, as well as over $5,000 of value in the following:

  • 1x Airoh TTR-S Trials Helmet
  • 1x Alpinestars Tech T Trials Boots
  • 1x Seven Zero Gear Set
  • 3x Five Gloves
  • 2x Michelin Trials Tyre Bundles
  • 1x Motion Pro Tyre Gauge
  • 1x Motion Pro T-6 Tyre Combo, T-Bars & Pro Funnel
  • 2x All Balls Spares Kit $200
  • 3x Renthal Kevlar Grips
  • 1x Pivot Pegz
  • 1x Fox Portage Hydration Pack
  • 1x Rock Oil $300 Pack
  • 1x EK Heavy Duty Chain
  • 1x Ballards Gear Bag
  • 1x Ballards Boot Bag
  • 1x Ballard Goggle Bag
  • 1x Ballards Hour Metre
  • 1x Ballards 5L Fuel Cell
  • 1x Ballards Socks
  • 1x Ballards Static Stand
  • 1x Ballards Ultimate Tyre Levers
  • 2x MXstore Socks
  • 1x MXstore Jersey Print
  • 1x MXstore Tie-Downs
  • 1x MXstore Grip Donuts
  • 1x MXstore Graphics Kit