Launched in 2000, Pivot Pegz are a truly unique product. While aftermarket foot pegs for your motorcycle are certainly common, no other brand offers a peg that pivots with the motion of the rider. The spring-loaded pivoting action actively tracks the motion of the riders feet, allowing for better grip, enhanced bike feel and improved comfort whilst riding. Another Australian grown brand, Pivot Pegz have enjoyed a rapid rise to success as riders everywhere discovered the benefits of a set of pivoting foot pegs. Adventure riders in particular have grown to love the product, so it's no surprise that KTM Pivot Pegz is one of the fastest moving categories in motorcycle foot pegs.

Here at MXstore, we absolutely froth on Pivot Pegz. We first came across the brand when we joined forces with the mighty Ballards Offroad, and they couldn't speak highly enough of the brand. The benefits of Pivot Pegz are more noticeable for offroad and trail riders rather than pure motocross riders, so we were stoked to be able to branch out from the MX world and offer a unique product like this to the legions of offroad riders out there. The quality of these pegs is second to none, and with a huge 60mm wide foot platform, the pivoting action is not the only thing that makes these things worth buying! Whether you're a hardcore Kawasaki motocross fan, an offroad enduro Honda rider, or chasing some BMW Pivot Pegz for those long weekend adventures, you can't go past a set of Pivot Pegz.