Airoh TRR-S Trials helmets are for the trialist who wants an ultra-light helmet to bounce around in without being weighed down like many traditional MX helmets do. Made from carbon and kevlar, this helmet is so feather-light you'll forget you're wearing it, which is exactly what you want when you're climbing up verticals and scaling rock walls. Airflow is also imperative in this style of riding which is why Airoh has put a huge focus on ventilation to keep you cool. Equipped with removable covers of the top air vents, this helmet still provides excellent protection even in the blistering heat with the covers off!

Available in 2 shell sizes for a custom fit, and offered in a range of vibrant colours and flashy graphics, this helmet oozes personality and character and will turn heads everywhere you go. Wear it into the shops, chicks dig it. Purpose-built for trial riding, the TRR-S trials helmet may suit those who like that barely-there feeling in a helmet, preferring not to wear one at all but realize that in the event of a crash, a helmet could mean the difference between life and death. The Airoh TRR is cool and lightweight with an open-face. It almost feels like you're wearing nothing, and when you're someone that prefers not to run a helmet, this could be your next best option rather than taking the nudist approach. Although designed to be a trials helmet, it really could be a great all-arounder, with many choosing to wear it on the road. 

Feel the difference an Airoh trials helmet makes to your riding experience and check out the full range today!