USA based company Hammerhead have completely revolutionised the MX industry, with their innovative products combining bling with the highest of quality CNC machined and forged dirt bike parts. Hammerhead product has been designed to exceed OEM quality, having riders such as Malcolm Stewart, Josh Grant, Justin Brayton and Nick Wey put the product to the test over the years proves they know what they're doing.

The first product of the rankes was their Hammerhead Gear Levers, designed purely for the fact of people often having issues with boots being too big or too small to work properly with the OEM gear shifter. Hammerhead found the solution by designing the removable tip and making it available in different sizes to extend or shorten the lever. This means when puchasing one of the gear shifters you get the option of 6 different sized tips from -5mm all the way to +20mm which also a wide range of colours. These tips were specially designed to suit specific sized boots providing more comfort and easier shifting. The tips are also sold seperately, meaning if for some reason it does break, there's no need to buy a complete new lever!

Another common product riders have issues with are OEM rear brake pedals, and once again Hammerhead have gone above and beyond in making another world class product to help riders with comfort and keeping bikes looking the best. The Hammerhead Rear Brake Pedals feature a removable tip which screws into the 2 different mounting positions on the actual pedal. The pedal is available in billet and forged aluminium and the tips are available in a large range of colours to suit almost any bike.