There are three main points of contact on an ATV, the footpegs or footboards, the dirt bike seat and most importantly the grips. As riders, we rely heavily on these points of contact to provide us with crucial feedback on the terrain. Your hands are extremely sensitive and yet very strong. They have the responsibility of controlling your machine off-road and providing you with the essential feedback on the terrain. Thus the right ATV grips on your Pro Taper handlebar will make a world of difference to your riding experience.

Quad bike grips differ from standard motocross grip due to the fact that ATV's are mostly operated by a thumb throttle and other hand controls. These hand grips still make use of all the tried and tested materials that can be found in the popular MX grips. Each material and each combination of materials serves a specific purpose and provides different levels of feedback. A dual compound grip is generally softer on the hands and is ideal for long riding periods as well as enduro. A single-density grip provides the maximum amount of feedback and is suited for shorter rides.

At MXstore we stock a large range of grips for ATV, dirt bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and MTB bikes.  We have all popular pattern grips including diamond gripswaffle grips, and half waffle grips. We have several colour patterns available in your favourite brands including ProGripRenthal gripsODI, Scott and Torc 1.

A few things to keep in mind when looking at grips. Lock-on grips are easy! They remove the need for resorting to grip wire or grip glue to secure your handlebar grips. Bar ends are a great accessory but will require you to cut your grip. Handguards offer great protection but will also require you to cut your grips. Grip donuts look the part but are unfortunately only for dirt bike grips.

Before you put on your goggles and start doing donuts on your KTM, Yamaha or Honda CRF put on some fresh grips first. Then get out there and RIde More!