Grips are extremely important for all offroad and enduro motorcycles to ensure you are able to hold the handlebars comfortably. Motocross grips come in a variety of styles, colours and compounds. Choosing new grips can be difficult with such a huge display to pick from. Majority of grip compounds such as Pro Grip Half waffle grips, Pro Taper gripsRenthal grips, no waffle and dual compound grips all require grip glue and safety wire to secure ensure fitment is secure. Whereas Lock on Grips offer a simple and effortless replacement set which only requires an allen key and a couple of sockets to remove the housing on the throttle side and install the new throttle cams. Clutch side is as simple as tightening an allen key and away you go.

Our most popular is the ODI lock-on system and pro taper clamp-on sets. All of which include a throttle tube inside the right-hand dirt bike grip. Some of the top grips on the market are the new lock-on system, which fits a variety of newer model such as KTM and Husqvarna which come standard with ODI V2 lock-on grips.

If you are not certain which grips will best suit you or your dirtbike feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call, send us an email or use our live chat feature on our website for more information!