An innovative entrepreneur and chemical engineer, William (Bill) Keifer started the Belray Company in his family’s suburban New Jersey garage in the 1950’s, specialising in high temperature bakery lubricants.

By the late 1960’s Kiefer recognised the need for premium quality high performance products for extreme conditions and the company expanded to the Mining and Power sports markets.

The Belray brand solidified themselves in the power sports market with its line of performance-enhancing, wear-resistant oils and greases for motorcycles and other high speed machines. The development of Belray 2 Stroke Oil has become one of the most trusted 2 stroke oils on the market for motorcycle riders offering prolonged engine life and a cleaner burn with less carbon build up.

Further technologies and initiatives lead to the innovation of an extensive line of non-toxic, food-grade lubricants pushing for “clean” industries in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Belray’s extensive product range offers a number of heavy hitters with Belray Chain Lube and it’s “wax finish” technology which stands up to the toughest conditions.