One of the biggest players in the global automotive oils game, Castrol has been around the block more than a few times, having been registered way back in 1909. As one of the most widely known brands involved in both Formula One and V8 Supercars racing, Castrol's reputation as a premium automobile brand is undoubtedly very well deserved. Growing rapidly in popularity through the dirt bike scene, recent years has seen Castrol make a push into other markets, and the motorcycle industry was the first target on their list. Their range of Castrol 2 Stroke Oil is one of the most popular in the whole market, and we're finding more and more people converting across to the Castrol brand to take care of their screaming 2 stroke machines.

With such a broad expanse of experience when it comes to automotive lubrication, it's no surprise to see just how popular the Castrol brand is becoming within the motocross industry. Few other brands have the backing of 100+ years of experience, and with world leading research and development facilities all around the globe, the innovative approach that Castrol takes to all of their product lines sets them well apart from the competition. Castrol 4 Stroke Oil offers premium performance for both road bikes and dirt bikes, and we're yet to hear a single word of complaint against just how good the stuff really is. For those of you who want to give their most prized possession the best care possible, make the switch today and get some Castrol in your bike.