Zeta is a well-known and established brand offering supreme dirt bike parts globally. Used by some of the biggest race teams in the United States and through Europe, these items are known for their incredible durability and OEM upgrade options. The Zeta revolver shift lever is specifically designed to have a CNC machined shift tip that is spring-loaded. The foldable shift tip fitment on the reinforced shift arm from Zeta racing is an item that should be on everyone's wish list when purchasing a new machine. Motocross bikes going through deep ruts and hitting square edge bumps are susceptible to damage, the revolving tip mount makes sure the lever flexes when knocked by the surface rather than snapping. The unique design also offers better shift grip and even some colour options such as the red tip or black anodized finish.

Zeta moto products are available for a large range of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models! Be sure to check out the entire range of zeta products before you get behind the handlebars. Items such as footpegs, brake pedals, clutch levers, brake levers, Sprockets, bar ends and so much more!