Win Pack #8 - Girls Pee Wee Sponsorship

Win Pack #8 - Girls Pee Wee Sponsorship main image

Pack 8 WinnerYeah The Girls! Young lads aren't the only ones who are keen to get involved in the sport, so we've pieced together this one for all the young ladies out there dreaming of a life on a dirt bike. With more and more women getting involved in dirt bike riding as a whole, we figured this was the perfect opportunity to encourage some of the young ones out there to have a crack. There's obviously the financial side of the sport that may act as a deterrent to some, so for us to be able to put up this sponsorship pack, and hopefully encourage even one young lady to throw a leg over her first dirt bike, is a very special feeling.


Protective gear is at the top of the list for young dirt bike riders, and Oneal and 100% have combined to put together this epic set up. With protection and riding gear from head to toe, it's the perfect starting point for every young girl out there. We've also chucked in a bunch of the essentials when it comes to bike parts and accessories, so with a bit of a luck, getting your daughter out riding on the bike will be a walk in the park. Don't miss your chance at winning The Girls Pee Wee Sponsorship Pack and get involved today!




Thank you to the following Brands for helping to make this happen:

The Girls Pee Wee Sponsorship includes a 12 month personal wholesale account, as well as over $2,500 of value in the following:

  • 1x Oneal 3 Series Freerider Kids Helmet
  • 1x Oneal Rider Pink Kids Boots
  • 2x Oneal Element Kids Gear Sets
  • 2x Oneal Element Kids Gloves
  • 2x 100% Accuri JR Kids Goggles
  • 1x Fox $100 Casual Voucher
  • 1x Maxima $150 Oil Pack
  • 1x EK Heavy Duty Race Chain
  • 1x RTECH Junior Lift Stand
  • 2x Funnelweb Air Filters
  • 1x Pirelli Tyre Set
  • 1x Vee Rubber Tube set
  • 1x RHK Spoke Wraps
  • 1x Ballards Grip Donuts
  • 2x ODI Mini Grips
  • 2x MXstore Kids Socks
  • 2x MXstore Jersey Prints
  • 1x MXstore Tie-Downs
  • 1x MXstore Grip Donuts
  • 1x MXstore Graphics Kit