Kids Protective Gear

If there's one thing we're big on here at MXstore, it's safety. We know firsthand the potential dangers of riding dirt bikes, no matter what level of riding you're at. And when it comes to the kids out there, we're not taking any chances with anything, ensuring we carry the widest range of Kids Protective Gear in the country. These little guys and girls are the future of our sport, and there's no way we're not doing everything we can to ensure that every young rider out there has access to the best safety equipment available on the market. At the end of the day, we want kids to enjoy riding their dirt bikes, and staying safe whilst they do that is one of the best ways to make sure that happens. 

If you and your kids are new to riding and are unsure of what to look for or where to start, we are here to help. Your first stop off should be our Motocross Buying Guides, where we have a range of different guides on things like Motocross Helmets, Motocross Boots, Motocross Riding Gear, Body Armour, Neck Braces, Knee Braces, and a whole lot more. These things are jam packed with useful information that will help you and your little ones get started on your riding adventures. 

In terms of Kids Protection, an absolute must is going to be our Kids Motocross Helmets. We live by a fairly simple rule here at MXstore, one that's even more relevant for the youngsters out there - No Helmet, No Ride. Honestly, we have decent kids MX helmets starting from as little as $99 (with free shipping too!), so there is absolutely no excuse for any kids out there to be riding around without a helmet. No matter what level of riding you are at, the possibility to fall and have a head knock is always going to be there, and the head is the one thing you absolute do not want to be taking any chances with. We're stocked to the ceiling with a huge range of Kids Helmets from all the big brands out there, so check them out today and invest in one before your next ride day.

Close on the heels of your Kids Helmets should be a set of Kids Motocross Boots. Again, one of the more vital pieces of protective equipment that will go a long way to keeping your kids safe out there on the track, a good set of motocross boots for the little ones is an investment that you will not regret. Most ride parks and tracks out there will not allow you or your kids to ride without an approved helmet and set of boots, so they're definitely a necessity when it comes to ride day. We've got a huge size range when it comes to youth MX boots, starting from your tiny toddler boots and going right up to your size 8 in kids sizing, and after that you'll be jumping into the adults range. With heaps of different brands like Fox, Alpinestars, Oneal, Thor, Fly Racing, and more, and with wide range of price point options on offer, there's a set of boots here for everyone kid out there.

Once you've got your Helmet and Boots sorted, you've at least got the basic levels of essential protection dialed when it comes to kids riding gear. If you're just cruising around the backyard on a PW50, you could probably get away with just your helmet and boots, and maybe a Kids MX Gear Set too. But if your little ones are going to be out there taking their riding adventures to a whole new level, whether it be motocross, enduro, dirt track, or freestyle, there's a huge range of additional protective gear that we would highly recommend you at least check out, even if you're not ready to purchase anything else just yet. We've got Kids Body Armour, Kids Neck Braces, Kids Goggles, Knee Guards, Elbow Guards, and a whole lot more, in sizes ranging from the smallest of peewee toddlers right through to teenagers. Make sure your little ones get the protection they deserve, and check out the full range today.

If you're at all concerned about purchasing your kids MX protection online because you might be unsure on sizing, you'll definitely want to check out our MXstore Motocross Sizing Guide. We've got plenty of useful info about general sizing for your main categories, and if you do some digging around in there, we've even got specific sizing charts for some different lines of some brands protective gear. Keep in mind that all orders on our Kids Protective Gear over $20 will qualify you for free shipping to absolutely anywhere in Australia, so you can focus your dollars on your kids essential protective gear rather than any additional freight costs. Happy shopping legends, and as always, Ride Safe.