It's quite the milestone when it comes time to get your young chargers into dirt bike riding. Most, if not all, motocross enthusiasts are into the off road existence for the enjoyment it not only brings them but also look forward to the opportunity to nurture that enthusiasm and share it with their next generations. There are plenty of questions that get thrown about when it comes time to getting young ones onto bikes - such as what age to get them started? What gear should I bother getting? When can I kick back and retire on their race winnings? Other than that last one, they are good questions and hard ones to answer, as it varies depending on the parent. Here at MXstore we suggest getting your kids onto bikes as soon as possible is a great option, as it allows them time to develop their skills and abilities at lower speeds and on lower powered machines. Obviously it's not a feasible option for all, but there's a lot to be said for this approach, versus throwing on a bike once they are a bit more developed, but will see them lining up against more experienced riders even at an early age. As we said, there is a lot to weigh up and consider.

With that being said, the one goal that MXstore was set up to meet, was to make dirt bike riding more accessible and safer. So whenever you elect to pull the trigger and get your young ones riding, rest assured that we will have the kids riding gear and age appropriate protection at hand. Kids motocross gear has come a lot way in recent years, even offering MX gear that will fit the smallest of humans. Plenty of manufacturers such as Oneal, Alpinestars, Thor and Fly Racing are all very much aware that keeping your kids safe in good quality, long-lasting dirt bike gear will likely see you keep on with a brand into your senior years. Fox Racing have taken this one step further, offering racewear that is down to minute sizing. As well as Toddler MX pants, there are jerseys and of course Fox's staple Dirtpaw gloves, kids body armour and gear bags through to kids helmets and goggles.

If you need any help with any of our junior products don't hesitate to get in contact with our friendly customer service team. It's an overwhelming experience if you've not spent much time around dirt bikes yourself to determine what is essential to keep the youngsters safe. Here at MXstore as well as gear, we stock all the MX neck braces, knee guards, elbow guards and protective gear that you could ever need - and not just for MX as well, but BMX and ATV riding as well.