Knee brace spares are essential for all motocross riders as our sport of off-road or enduro riding is very demanding on our gear. We stock MX knee brace spares for brands like Pod, Leatt, Mobius, Asterisk, EVS and Alpinestars.

Adult knee braces tend to need some love and care after a decent amount of riding and the main things that usually need replacing are, the patella guard, inner pad set, brace straps/strap kit, or even the ligaments that are in the hinge of the Pod knee braces.

One way you can look after your knee braces so that these parts are kept intact for longer is by getting yourself a knee brace bag that will keep them from getting knocked around in your gear bag or shelf where you have them at home.

Knee brace spares are easy to grab before the next time you checkout so that you have them handy in case something happens while you're out ripping up the track. Pod offers the largest range in this department as you can almost build a whole new knee brace with their Pod KX parts.

Knee brace spares keep you on the track along with your other body armour protection so that you're safe out there!