A name that is famous in the world of dirt bike riding. Asterisk have spent decades on revolutionising knee joint protection for riders.

Asterisk have earned their reputation as the leader in their field with several patented design concepts which have been engineered and pulled together in unison to create one of the most sophisticated pieces of safety gear you can protect yourself with.

Asterisk Knee Braces are totally adjustable for fit yet remain rigid. Have fast, simple, low profile strapping for ease of application and the braces promote natural free-motion with a rolling-gliding hinge which follows the natural movement of the knee.

Some of the features of Asterisk braces which are not found in other brands include and open frame design for riders with athletic legs. Brace to boot tethering which helps prevent lower leg rotation and now the full coverage patella cup for extra impact protection.

Asterisk’s motto is to “think smarter” and endless research and development is put into the construction of their products which are hand built in the USA.

With many moving parts and the likelihood of the braces absorbing impact from crashes to protect the rider. A range of Asterisk Knee Brace Parts are also available to allow riders to repair and service their investment in protection and keep them in top condition for years.