POD changed the game, revolutionising the action sport knee brace as we know it and delivering to the market a range of braces designed to handle whatever you can throw at them. The crown jewel of the POD range is the K8 Carbon Knee Brace, a world championship winning piece of technology that provides the ultimate form of protection when it comes to one of the most critical joints in the human body. Anyone who has had a serious knee injury will tell you, it's not a good time. Here at MXstore, we're huge believers in the POD K8 Knee Brace, and for those of you who are serious about giving their knees the best protection possible, there's no reason to look anywhere else.

While the K8 Braces may be more suited to the professional racers or those who simply want premium protection no matter the cost, the POD K4 Knee Braces offer some serious protection for a more afforable price, and we have an endless line of satisfied customers who rate the K4 braces as "the best knee brace they've ever worn". The POD Human Motion hinge system works to mimic the ligaments of the knee, taking stress away from the knee itself and transferring the forces onto the synthetic ones in the brace. With the high speeds and impacts involved in the sport of motocross and other action sports alike, technology like that on display in the K4 braces is simply invaluable.

Safety is always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to products we sell here at MXstore. The sport of motocross can be a dangerous one, and any brand that strives to improve the technology in their protective equipment as POD do will always get a tick in our books. If you're serious about protection and want to grab yourself either a knee brace set or a single brace, look no further than POD knee braces.