If you want to ensure you've got precise power delivery and throttle control on your dirt bike, it is important to keep your throttle setup working properly. Making sure the twist of your throttle puts out what you had planned relies on all the parts of your motorcycle throttle and the throttle cable performing as they were intended. When we are talking about your throttle assembly, we are talking about the parts that are affixed to your motorbike handlebars - the throttle housing and throttle tube. If you have a crash on the motocross track, have an impact with an object while off road riding or a simple tip over even, the performance of this part can be compromised due to debris or damage to the parts. Here at MXstore we stock a range of replacement throttle assemblies to replace and refresh your OEM twist throttle on most Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM and many other bikes.

As well as aftermarket replacements for your standard turn throttle, we also offer a range of Motion Pro Throttle Kits. High on many riders wishlists, these new products allow the user to tailor how much throttle is applied upon twisting your throttle grip - cam adjusters allow for more carburetor action from less twist of your hand grips. As well as twister throttle motorcycle parts, here at MXstore we stock Australia's largest range of dirt bike parts and accessories. Whether you need new grips, air filters or Pro Taper handlebars, we can get you sorted and back on the bike with a minimum of fuss.