Renthal need no introduction in the motocross and off road world. Their range of Renthal bars, Renthal grips and Renthal chains have played an integral part in the championship wins of some of the biggest teams and riders in both the motocross and enduro worlds. When it comes to replace your current worn out OEM or aftermarket sprocket, the range of Renthal sprockets are certainly up to the task. Renthal rear sprockets are available in two different models; the Renthal Ultralight rear sprocket is a single piece aluminium rear chainwheel that are available in a variety of different anodized finishes to really add to the look of your dirt bike. The other model on offer is that of the Renthal Twinring sprockets, which as the name suggests, are made up of two pieces - an aluminium centre to ensure lighter weight that is then combined with a high strength and hard wearing steel outer ring to offer a longer usage life. If you are looking to replace your countershaft sprocket as well, the high quality CNC machined Nickel Chromium steel that Renthal front sprockets are manufactured from help ensure you're always assured of maximum power transfer to the rear wheel. Renthal can certainly supply the goods if you are just looking to change up your gearing option on your Yamaha or Honda trail bike to help make those hills easier, or on your KTM or Kawasaki motocross machine to get that low end pull out of the gate.