Setting up your dirt bike to your personal liking is one of the many aspects of the off road motocross and enduro racing scene! With a super simple adjustment of your brake lever and clutch lever on your handlebars, the overall comfort on your machine can increase rapidly! We have all had a fall or an accident that ends with either a snapped OEM brake or clutch perch and lever. We offer an extensive range of perch assembly and new lever sets for these situations. Some lever assembly units house a hot start perch for the bikes equipped with this part. Levers are one of the dirt bike parts that hit the ground first upon the event of a fall so be sure to grab yourself a set of unbreakable flex levers or some aftermarket perch upgrades.

Brands such as Magura, Pro Taper, Motion Pro, Zeta, Works Connection, and a list of others complete the lineup for this category! All of which are high-quality products for every product whether it be for a complete clutch lever assembly, brake lever assembly, or a single front brake lever we have you covered. Most brands offer a CNC machined OEM lever replacement, some with adjuster capabilities for the Brembo powered KTM brakes and some of the clutch assembly units from ARC and Pro Taper.

To further improve the new clutch perch assembly we offer a range of clutch cables to suit many makes and models of current and aged dirt bikes. Whether you ride a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Suzuki we are likely to accommodate options available for your machine.

All of these brand levers will fit into your OEM perch with ease, as well as fit behind a set of handguards and easily work with a set of bar risers. Needing no additional bolt kits or fitment kits, these shopping cart fillers are a very simple upgrade!