Specialising in clutch kits and handlebars, Magura are the choice of champions and have also been the OEM handlebar and clutch master cylinder choice for the KTM factory for many years.

Hydraulic clutch systems offer the smoothest, lightest and most consistent feeling clutch action a motorcycle can have. Removing the traditional cable pull design, there is no need to clean or oil a clutch cable, and the hydraulic line stays light even after years of use.

And now thanks to Magura 167 Hydraulic Clutch Kits you can convert your late model Japanese motocross and trail bikes with a cable system to have all of the benefits of the hydraulic line.

Magura Handlebars are still the OEM choice for KTM and Husqvarna dirt bikes and remain one of the most popular handlebar options for many riders because of their reputation for strength and durability.