Get your oversized handlebars to sit in just the right spot with a set of fat bar mounts from MXstore. Ensuring your motorcycle handlebars are set at the ideal position does wonders for your off road riding technique, as well as reducing the amount of fatigue experienced due to compensating through adapting body position to suit your bike. The OEM bar mounts of most bikes might not necessarily offer the best bar position, so aftermarket handlebar risers or a brand new bar mount kit could be ideal for improved performance on the motocross track or enduro trails. Handlebar measurements are pretty well standardized for all manufacturers, so whether you are grabbing a set of Renthal, Pro Taper handlebars, RHK or ODI handlebars they will be either 7/8" or 1 1/8" size. Fat bar handlebar clamps fit what are regarded as oversized 1 1/8" handlebar bars. Standard bars are 7/8" diameter at their mounting point, so if you are upgrading from standard bars to fat bars, your mount will also have to change to accommodate. These handlebar mounts are available in varying heights and are available to suit most Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Husqvarna motorbikes. Here at MXstore we have on offer motorcycle handlebar riser mount clamps from Ballards, Zeta, SPP, Torc 1 and Scar Racing.